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About the Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair Footwear Store, represents top specialist sports and leisure footwear brands from South Africa, namely Olympic Sports Footwear and Primo Sports and Leisure Footwear.

We are proud to represent the sports brand, ‘Olympic’, which conjures up thoughts of champions, superior performance and status amongst sports people. 

The Olympic management and development team have over 100 years of sporting experience in competition, product development, events, marketing and retail and their footwear and apparel products offer athletes in every discipline, functional and stylish comfort that one would only expect from a top tier brand.

Their road and trail running shoes have been tried and tested on the world-famous Comrades Marathon and the Two Oceans Ultra-Marathon routes, as well as many other road running and trail running events in South Africa.

Olympic Sports Footwear comprises their latest and most advanced road and trail running products for men, women and youth. Their products reflect the latest international fashion trends. The shoe designs are also based on thorough research and use the latest international sports shoe materials and technologies available today.

Unleash your inner Olympian!

Primo is a major manufacturer and supplier of sportswear and leisurewear in South Africa. It offers design, development and manufacture of high quality, trendy sports and leisure footwear at competitive prices.

The Primo Leisure Footwear products are basic canvas shoes that go with any style of apparel and will never go out of fashion. They are comfortable flat sole shoes that can be worn with jeans, chino or shorts and suitable for everyday wear. These products are comfortable, soft sole cross trainers, ideal for gym sessions, walking or short distance jogging and stylish everyday wear.

Our Online Store Services
We offer you an online store with these great sports and leisure footwear products where you select your shoe style and size, pay online using the payment options offered and we will have them delivered to you shortly thereafter. You will be able to track the delivery of your product to your door.

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